söndag 16 december 2012

Part F

Part F

Filip is born!
Yay another boy.

It´s tme for Eric´s and Ethan´s birthdays.
Eric starts.

Now it´s Ethans turn to blow out the candles.

Eric by his cake.

Ethan turns out to be a schoolboy oo.

Doris lears to study. Mum had the time to learn her how.

Eric lears to study.
I bought a radio for the kids to have some fun upstairs.
 Guess what they always smussle in the kitchen and
 they always bring friends with them so my house are crowded.

Ethan lears how to study too.

Betsy is playing with Chiara and Doris.

Chiara and Chrystal grows to teens.

Brixley has time to read about cooking.

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