torsdag 20 december 2012

Part G

Part G

Filip grows to a toddler.

Greta is born.
Now they have eight girls and three boys.
Brixle have had three pairs of twins and four single births.


 The new study corner a´ la Em.
Doris and Eric tries it out.

Brixley teaches Filip to talk.
It´s good to have teens sometimes, Chrystal changes Greta´s diapers.

Filip´s toddler skills, finnished Yay!!!

There are lot of playing going on in this house.

Sometimes they do play a little ruff.

Be Nice do you hear!

It´s chaotic sometimes I do think Eric got an A grade.

Brixley is having a nice moment with three of the teens.
You guessed it, she is pregnant again.

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