lördag 10 november 2012

Part E --

Part E--

Amalia takes care of the small babysiblings.
She is really good at this.

The family has grown  to eleven Sims,
I decided to send Amalia to college.

She moves in with Acacia and Accolon and the others from Rainbow Bend.
Zoi and the rest of his gang moves soon out they have done their University years.

Amalia grows up well and starts to do her homework at once.
Good Girl!

At home Betsy grows up to a teen.

Bertha grows up too of course they are twins. 

Chiara a star student and...

Crystal too.

Doris grows up to a schoolkid she is doing well.

Eric grows up to a toddler.
He manages his toddler skills with the help of his father.

Ethan grows up to a toddler.
His first words are "I´m hungry!"
He manages his walkins skills with the help of Betsy.
Mum is sleeping in bed she is pregnant again.

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