lördag 29 december 2012

Part I

Part I

Eric morps into a teen.

Ethan is not far behind.
Chrystal has got an promotion.

Filip learns how to study.

The trampoline is good they gain physical skills when they bounce on it.

Greta is ready for school.

 The PC breaks all the time. Lenny has to fix it.

 Hans as a toddler not a happy one.

Isak is born!!!

Amalia, Bertha and Betsy are at University.
Chiara , Chrystal has to wait for another sibling to born before they can leave for the University.
Doris, Erik and Ethan are teens.
Filip and Greta are schoolkids.
Hans is a toddler and Isak is newborn.

That makes twelve kids. Only seven to go.

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